Polecrete® RSP

The quick and easy way to repair — not replace — damaged utility poles.

Polecrete RSP Every year, millions of dollars in damage is done to hundreds of thousands of telephone and utility poles across America. Squirrels climb and chip away at them, wind and water slowly erodes wood, insects find purchase inside wood poles, and of course, woodpeckers set up shop and hammer away. Studies have shown that with increased limitations on pesticide use, damaged utility poles have become one of the biggest problems utility companies face every year. Pole replacement is not only expensive and a laborious process, but it can also cause extended periods of electrical downtime which results in unhappy customers. Utility providers have turned to BMK for years when installing poles, with their Polecrete® foam system becoming a trusted alternative to traditional backfill solutions like concrete or crushed rock. Now, BMK has a solution for companies looking to repair damaged poles—Polecrete® RSP.

How It Works

Polecrete® RSP is a unique polyurethane compound that comes in an easy-to-carry container with an attached pressurized spray nozzle. A single lineman can easily repair cracks and cavities in one day using one Polecrete® RSP kit, no matter the temperature or weather conditions. Just spray, wait to set, and move on — it's that easy to use. When fully dried and hardened, Polecrete® RSP forms a solid filling in cracks or divots on a wood utility pole. The compound prevents birds or insects from re-damaging those areas. Polecrete® also keeps the pole both structurally sound and able to retain flexibility in storms and adverse weather. Unlike other repair methods, it also allows the pole to remain fully gaffable, so in the future it can still be easy for line workers to climb.

Save Time, Save Money, Save The Planet

More and more utility companies are using Polecrete® RSP to repair damaged wood poles for a number of reasons. It allows poles to be easily repaired and not replaced, meaning that utility companies can allocate money previously earmarked for pole maintenance and replacement to other projects. Since Polecrete® RSP comes in a small form factor and is applied using a provided spray nozzle, it can be used anywhere regardless of space constraints. One kit has a shelf life of up to 24 months after initial use, meaning that potentially a single Polecrete® RSP kit can be used on multiple damaged poles. Polecrete® RSP isn't just friendly on your budget or your workers, either--it's friendly to the environment. Repairing, rather than replacing, wood utility poles means that fewer trees are cut down in order to make new poles. In addition, Polecrete® RSP has been proven 100% environmentally safe by the EPA, as it does not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion.

Trust A Proven Product

Since 1988, when the first-ever PU-based backfill material was introduced, BMK has provided the utility industry with game-changing products that save them time and money. Companies across the United States and around the world have come to trust products like Polecrete® and Postloc® as they provide durable, long-lasting backfill outcomes without the hassle and costs associated with traditional backfill materials. Now, they can rely on Polecrete® RSP to provide the only wood pole repair product of its kind, made by a company they trust. Call them today at 314-344-3330 to learn more or place an order.

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