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Build it better with BMK.

The construction industry faces a number of challenges that BMK products can help solve. Chief amongst them is the danger wet soil or erosion poses to concrete pads which often house air conditioners or other HVAC equipment. While many of these pads will remain stable and undamaged despite the ground underneath them shifting, the equipment on top of them must remain level in order for the compressor to run smoothly and with proper lubrication.

Replacing a pad is usually both expensive and requires the HVAC system to be taken offline for an extended period of time. However, if not quickly fixed, this can lead to the need to replace a pad and an air conditioner — an expense that many homeowners do not want.

Padcrete™ from BMK is the easy, quick, and most importantly cost-effective way for contractors and even homeowners to level concrete pads that are otherwise undamaged. Simply jack up the pad until it is level, dig two holes on either side of the pad, mix the Padcrete solution and pour it under the pad. In 15 minutes, Padcrete’s urethane foam solution expands up to 15 times its original size and forms a base that can support thousands of pounds and will ensure your concrete pad will last for years. Its small kit means that any worker can level any pad, even if it is in a hard-to-access area. Best of all, Padcrete’s foam material resists further soil erosion and damage and does not require any further maintenance once installed.

Contractors also rely on Postloc® to provide an efficient and long-lasting alternative to concrete when installing posts for fences, basketball goals, or mounts for satellite dishes. Postloc® uses BMK’s proven technology to set posts in 15 minutes or less and guarantees that they will stay set no matter what.

For more information on BMK products for contractors or construction crews, contact your local representative.