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Sign Installation Simplified with BMK's Polecrete® and Postloc® Solutions

Installing signs of any size has never been easier.

Signage installation, from towering billboards to modest roadside signs, presents unique challenges. The variability of soil types, the logistics of road rerouting, and the crucial stability of steel poles in diverse weather conditions are significant concerns for signage contractors. The advent of digital billboards, with their complex power and control systems, adds layers of complexity, particularly in protecting sensitive electronics from water damage.

BMK’s Polecrete® has been the trusted backfill solution for utility providers for over 30 years, and it stands as the prime choice for signage contractors. Polecrete® ensures a robust, water-resistant foundation, safeguarding against ground-line moisture and securing electrical systems—ideal for modern LED and digitally controlled signs.

Our Polecrete® streamlines installation, eliminating the need for specialized labor or equipment, and sets in a rapid 15 minutes. This efficiency is invaluable for difficult-to-reach installations, sparing the expense and complication of coordinating concrete crews.

For grand-scale sign structures, Polecrete® HD is specially formulated to support high-density requirements, upholding the integrity of even the tallest billboards. For smaller signage needs, BMK’s Postloc® delivers comparable holding strength and ease of use, tailored for more compact applications.

As ground-level electronic signs become more prevalent, concerns over ground erosion and the resultant instability of concrete bases grow. BMK’s Padcrete™ addresses these issues, effectively re-leveling concrete pads to keep signs not only visually appealing but also functionally reliable.

For a comprehensive solution to all your signage installation needs, discover BMK’s suite of products designed for longevity and ease. Engage with our experts or place your order by contacting us at 314-344-3330.