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Illuminate with Strength Using Polecrete® Stabilizer.

High mast lighting is a beacon of progress and community across America. From brightening bustling freeways to showcasing local sports, these towering lights are a standard in our urban and rural landscapes. The shift towards LED and Solar technologies has ushered in an era of unparalleled energy efficiency, aligning with the nation’s push for sustainability.

As cities nationwide adopt these luminous sentinels for safer roads and spirited sporting events, the need for a robust, reliable backfill solution becomes paramount. Traditional concrete, while common, is far from the ideal choice. Its installation is laborious, with extended setting times and a propensity for cracking and deterioration over time. The inconvenience is compounded when installations in busy or difficult-to-reach areas lead to road closures, impacting daily life and causing community disruptions.

Enter BMK’s revolutionary backfill solution: Polecrete® Stabilizer. With over three decades of trust from the utility sector for telephone and electrical pole installations, Polecrete® Stabilizer HD is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of high mast lighting structures exceeding 100 feet in height.

What sets Polecrete® Stabilizer HD apart is its enhanced core strength, density, and tensile strength—roughly double that of our original formulation. Yet, it retains the quick-set advantage, hardening in 15 minutes or less, ensuring a swift return to normalcy in high-traffic zones and minimizing community impact. It’s not just about the immediate benefits; it’s about lasting reliability. Polecrete® provides a durable foundation with superior holding strength and uplift resistance compared to concrete.

Our solution seamlessly bonds to all pole materials, including wood, steel, and composites, while protecting against ground-line decay. Recognized by the EPA as an inert, non-hazardous material, Polecrete® upholds environmental responsibility while delivering unparalleled performance.

For a future lit by resilience and innovation, choose Polecrete® Stabilizer HD for your high mast lighting projects. Discover more about our solutions and how they can brighten the future of your city’s infrastructure. Reach out today by calling 314-344-3330, or connect with your local representative.