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The quick and easy way to repair - not replace - damaged utility poles.

Repair, don't replace.

“This is the normal now and it works great! Cuts time like crazy!”

“It’s ROCK SOLID. I’ve used Polecrete foam on HUNDREDS of poles over the years!”

“Minimum Effort. Maximum Results! 🤜🤛”

BMK has a solution that repairs damaged poles — RSP™. Utility poles endure a challenging existence, incurring millions in damage annually due to wildlife interactions and environmental degradation. Maintenance has increasingly become more daunting, placing it high on utility companies' agendas. Pole replacement entails significant costs and inconvenience.


Foam expands to 15X its original volume.


Production capacity of 1MM kits per year.


Foam sets in 15 min. Climb the pole under 30 min.

How to Repair a Utility Pole with RSP

Easy fix, solid poles, happy linemen.

Got a pole with pesky cracks or woodpecker holes? Grab a set of RSP. This handy polyurethane fixer-upper turns any lineman into a repair hero — just spray, let it set, and onto the next one. No weather worries. It dries rock-solid, keeps critters out, and lets the pole bend, not break, when the wind howls. Plus, it keeps poles climber-friendly.

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