The efficient new way to repair pavement.

RSP from BMK Potholes and cracked roads or sidewalks aren't just a nuisance to drivers and pedestrians, they're safety hazards that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. For years, cities and states have used asphalt or concrete patches to backfill these road imperfections, but those create their own problems. Most patches crack and wear over time and just end up needing to be fixed every year. Road crews spend hours, oftentimes in hazardous and unsafe conditions, laboring to fill potholes and repair roads. Even worse, most of these road repairs cause lane closures or re-routing — and if there's one thing drivers hate more than potholes, it's traffic. Now, there's a strong, effective, and simple way to fill potholes and repair roads: RSP™ from BMK. RSP™ is a two-part polyurethane product that can be used anytime throughout the year and requires no special equipment or operators. It hardens in minutes and has a compressive strength of more than 7,000 psi, enough to withstand even the heaviest of 18-wheelers. Best of all, it works in any application, from asphalt roads to concrete highways.

Simple To Use. Made To Last.

RSP™ is the perfect alternative to asphalt patching because it does not require extra trucks or equipment. Just free the area that requires patching from debris and moisture, mix the two components according to our easy-to-follow instructions, pour, and let it set. For smaller applications, we even offer RSP™ in a lightweight, pre-assembled kit complete with a pressurized spray nozzle. No need to contract with an asphalt firm or use specialized trucks—RSP™ is conveniently packed in boxes that can fit in any vehicle. It's designed so any member of a road crew can mix and pour RSP™—great for small, spot applications where traditional asphalt trucks find access difficult. For major repairs, RSP™ easily combines with other products in order to produce a long-lasting road repair solution. Mix it with clean, dry aggregates to fill larger potholes or bigger cracks in the tarmac. If you need to repair a section of concrete roadway that is failing due to soil erosion, use RSP™ in conjunction with BMK's Padcrete™ to create a stable, level surface. Padcrete™ creates a highly compressed material that serves as the perfect platform for road crews to pour RSP™ on top. RSP™ has also been proven safe to use in any condition by the EPA and the DOT. It does not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming. BMK Corporation is proud to make all our products in the United States and sell them through a nationwide network of distributors, as well as through international channels.

Fix Your Roads Right The First Time With RSP™

Across the United States, more and more streets departments and road crews are discovering that RSP™ from BMK is a long-lasting, strong, and most importantly cost-effective way to repair potholes, spall, and damaged pavement. Unlike traditional asphalt patching or backfill, roads fixed with RSP™ (whether in combination with aggregates or by itself) withstand all weather conditions and don't need to be fixed again year after year. This means your streets department can save money, and commuters can worry less about poor roads and delays caused by street repairs. To learn more about RSP™ or find a distributor, call BMK at 314-344-3330, or contact us online.

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