The original post-setting foam—now available direct to consumers.

Postloc from BMK Homeowners and small businesses across the United States agree: setting or stabilizing poles or posts isn't easy or enjoyable. Between lugging large bags of powdered cement, messy setting and mixing, and having to wait hours or even days for the concrete to set, do-it-yourselfers have long wondered: is there a better way? More than three decades ago, utility companies — who put poles up regularly — asked themselves the same question, and BMK responded by developing Polecrete®, the first structural polyurethane foam that holds utility and lighting poles in place safely and securely. Now, the same technology trusted by professionals around the world is available direct to consumers, with Postloc®. Learn More

Set Your Posts In Just 15 Minutes

Unlike traditional backfill methods such as concrete or packed dirt, Postloc® requires no water or molding. After you dig your hole and level your post, just mix one part of the two-part Postloc® formula into the larger jug and shake the combined solution for 20 to 30 seconds. Following that, pour Postloc® into your hole and watch as the foam expands up to 15 times its original volume. Cut away any excess foam with a utility knife or shovel and let it sit. In 15 minutes, your pole will be stable and secure for years to come.

Step 1 Dig A Hole

Before starting your job, be sure to wear proper safety equipment when using Postloc® post setting foam. We recommend safety glasses and goggles, as well as a pair of chemical-resistant gloves. One pair of gloves is included in every Postloc® kit. The hole for your post should be dug approximately 3 feet deep and should be about 4"-6" wider than the diameter or width of your post. For example, a post that is 4" wide should have a hole dug about 8"-10" wide. Remove any standing water from your hole before using Postloc®.

Step 2 Level Your Pole/Post

Place the post in the center of the hole, level it, and secure it in its desired position. The post can be secured with temporary supports (such as wood struts) or held in place by another person.

Step 3 Mix Postloc® Components

Remove the caps of the two bottles and pour the contents of Bottle "A" into Container "B". Once poured, replace the cap on container "B" and shake it vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. Always point the cap of the bottle away from your body/face while shaking.

Step 4 Pour Postloc® Into The Hole

Quickly remove the cap of Container "B" and pour its contents into your hole. Chemicals can begin to expand and fill the hole 20-30 seconds from the time of mixing.

Step 5 Let Postloc® Set

Postloc® should set for about 15 minutes at 70° Farenheit. Warmer temperatures may cause Postloc® foam to set faster, while colder temperatures cause it to set slower. After that time, remove the supports on your post and continue additional installation.

Postloc® can be used to stabilize any sort of household pole or post, including:
  • Mailboxes
  • Fence posts
  • Basketball goals or tennis/volleyball nets
  • Satellite dish mounts
  • Flagpoles
  • Clotheslines
  • Garden lights
  • Sculptures
  • Birdhouses
  • Sign posts

Save Time, Save Money, Save Space

Postloc® comes in a small, lightweight package and can fit anywhere in a garage or shed. There's no need to break out wheelbarrows, hoses, or other additional equipment when using Postloc®: just proper safety gear including a provided pair of chemical-resistant gloves. Once set, Postloc® is an improvement over concrete backfill in multiple ways. It absorbs water and resists erosion and cracking. Postloc® also protects the soil around your post, as it prevents wood treatments from seeping into the ground. It needs no maintenance and lasts for years. Postloc® works regardless of soil condition and easily sets at any temperature.

Trusted By Professionals For Three Decades

BMK is proud to be the first company in America that recognized the need for a new, modern backfill solution for pole mounting and stabilization needs. Our products have been used by utility companies, construction firms, and even municipal road crews for more than 30 years. Our PU-based solutions offer affordable, easy-to-use, and green alternatives to traditional backfill methods like concrete or asphalt patching. Postloc® uses the same technology as our trusted products like Polecrete® and Padcrete™—just in a smaller package. And like all BMK products, it does not contribute to global warming and is proudly made in the USA. To find a Postloc® distributor near you, call us at 314-344-3330, or you can place an order now online.

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