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The original post-setting foam – now available direct to consumers.

easy way to set a post

“This is the normal now and it works great! Cuts time like crazy!”

“It’s ROCK SOLID. I’ve used Polecrete foam on HUNDREDS of poles over the years!”

“Minimum Effort. Maximum Results! 🤜🤛”

Make post installations quick, clean, and reliable. Homeowners understand the hassle of setting poles – dealing with heavy bags and equipment, the wait for curing, and the messy process. BMK recognized this challenge over 30 years ago when we created Polecrete®, a structural foam that revolutionized pole stabilization for utility companies. We then brought this professional-grade solution to the public with Postloc®.


Foam expands to 15X its original volume.


Production capacity of 1MM kits per year.


Foam sets in 15 min. Start building in 30 min.

Set Poles in Minutes With Postloc Post Setting Foam

How to Install a Mailbox Post with Postloc Foam

How to Set a Post with Postloc Expanding Foam

Set a Post in 15 Minutes

Unlike traditional backfill methods such as concrete or packed dirt, Postloc® requires no water or molding. After you dig your hole and level your post, just mix, shake, and pour Postloc® into the hole and watch as the foam expands up to 15 times its original volume. Cut away any excess foam with a utility knife or shovel and let it sit. In 15 minutes, your pole will be stable and secure for years to come.

Postloc® can be used to stabilize any sort of household pole or post, including:

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