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Postloc is an easy way to install fence posts.

Whether you are installing a backyard fence yourself or are an experienced fencing contractor, Postloc® from BMK is the perfect alternative to concrete or soil backfill methods. Postloc® uses the same technology as Polecrete®, BMK’s expanding foam product that has been used for decades by utility companies when installing new telephone or electrical poles. Just mix the two parts of the solution, shake it up, and pour it into your post hole. In just minutes, Postloc® foam can expand up to 15 times its original volume and form a solid, impermeable foundation that will last for years. There’s no need for water or wheelbarrows, unlike concrete: Postloc® comes in a small, easy-to-use kit.

Postloc® works with all fence materials including wood, vinyl, and metal. It sets in all weather conditions and in all soil types. Best of all, once set Postloc® requires no maintenance or repairs and bonds directly to posts, providing a shield against moisture and decay. It even protects soil from damage or pollution, as it prevents post preservation materials like creosote from seeping into the ground and contaminating groundwater or garden soil.

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