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Solutions for utility applications of all sizes.

Ever since a chance conversation between a bowling-pin salesman and his neighbor in 1988, BMK has been proud to serve the utility industry with our cutting-edge slate of products.

Electrical and telephone companies across the United States trust BMK to provide reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use solutions for their pole installation and service requirements. Our original product, Polecrete® Stabilizer, was developed to give utility companies an alternative to traditional backfill solutions like concrete or crushed rock. Since we introduced it more than 30 years ago, it has become a go-to choice for the installation of new utility poles or the re-setting of damaged ones.

Utility companies benefit from its ease of use: anyone can create and pour Polecrete® in just minutes, without any special training or education. It works in all soil conditions and in all weather, and our two-part structural polyurethane foam kit easily fits in the bed of any truck, making it ideal for hard-to-access installations.

And best of all, unlike concrete, Polecrete® requires no maintenance, resists erosion and water damage, and lasts for years. Our utility customers are partners in every sense of the word. We’ve listened to them and provided additional products made to fit their unique needs.

The R&D team at BMK has created two variants of Polecrete® to fit special installation requirements: Polecrete® HD for high-density applications such as cellular tower installation or straightening transmission line poles, and Hydro Polecrete® for environments where standing water is present in the hole where a pole is being installed. Many of our customers have also complained to us about the damage wood utility poles take from environmental factors like animals or poor weather. Replacing these poles is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we developed Polecrete® RSP™, a sprayable polyurethane kit that allows utility companies to repair poles quickly and easily. Polecrete® RSP creates an impermeable compound that resists further damage to your poles, allowing them to remain structurally sound.

Environmental damage also regularly affects the concrete pads that junction boxes are usually mounted on. Erosion can cause these pads to sink or no longer remain level. Our Padcrete™ expanding polyurethane solution allows utility companies to easily re-level pads that are uneven, but still useful, to ensure that they remain useful and avoid costly and labor-intensive replacement.

To speak with a member of our team about BMK’s entire line of products for the utility industry, contact us today by calling 314-344-3330, or connect with your local representative.