Hydro Polecrete® Stabilizer

Made to withstand high-moisture areas.

Hydro Polecrete Stabilizer For more than 30 years, workers from all sorts of industries have relied on BMK's Polecrete® to set and stabilize poles and posts quickly and securely. However, while our original Polecrete® is used throughout the world with no issues, several of our clients have contacted us over the years and noted that their local surroundings had soil conditions that were much moister than other areas of the country. They wanted a backfill solution that retained all the qualities they liked about Polecrete® but could handle environments that receive more rainfall over the course of the year.
Our R&D team listened to these clients and developed Hydro Polecrete®, a formula specially made for these applications. Like traditional Polecrete®, it sets in just 15 minutes, expands to more than 15 times its original size, and comes in an easy-to-carry package. However, it is slightly denser and has a much higher level of flexural strength. As such, it can withstand the higher compression of wet, heavier soils.

How Soil Moisture Affects Your Project

While the United States has a wide variety of soil types, in certain areas (primarily in the Southeast, near the Great Lakes, and east of the Mississippi River) the soil is described as being part of the "udic" moisture regime. This is due to these areas having large amounts of rainfall throughout the year, enough summer rain that allows the soil to store more water than the rate of evapotranspiration (i.e. the rate of how moisture leaves the soil to feed plants), or have enough rain in the winter months that gives the soil a chance to recharge. These soils have long been welcomed by farmers and amateur gardeners as they easily promote the growth of all sorts of crops. However, they present their own challenges when construction crews dig into that same soil. That moisture-storing ability mentioned above means that objects buried in that soil will have to absorb much more water than if they were dug in more sandy or clay-type soils. This can often lead to cracked concrete, rotted wood, and other decay problems over time. In addition, after rainstorms, these soils become heavier and exert much more pressure on buried objects.

Hydro Polecrete® Is The Solution

BMK's scientists took the standard Polecrete® formula and made several subtle changes to build Hydro Polecrete®, a product made for higher-moisture soils. It is denser than regular Polecrete®: 5.0 pounds per cubic foot (PCF) as opposed to 4.0 in our regular formula. We also greatly improved the flexural strength of Hydro Polecrete®, giving it roughly double the strength of original Polecrete®. This allows it to stay firm and solid even under intense pressure from soil that is heavy and sodden from recent storms. Although Hydro Polecrete® is stronger and denser than original Polecrete®, it still retains all the features that have made BMK's Polecrete® a trusted backfill solution for multiple industries. It can be mixed, poured, and set, all in the span of 15 minutes. It requires no special equipment, no cement trucks, and can be installed at any time of year and in any weather conditions. Best of all, it saves your company money as it requires less manpower to install, does not require regular repairs, and protects against ground line decay unlike concrete. No matter the requirements of your pole stabilizing or installation project, BMK has the Polecrete® product for you. Talk to us today to learn more about what product is right for you, or use our online calculator to determine what size Hydro Polecrete® kit your project requires.

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