Polecrete Stabilizer

The fast, effective backfill solution that works anywhere.

For more than 30 years, industries across the world have relied on Polecrete® from BMK to provide pole stabilization and backfill that lasts for years and does not require pouring concrete or tamping soil. Polecrete® lets you set and secure poles and posts in as little as 15 minutes. Environmentally safe and easy to use, Polecrete® works in any ground or soil condition and saves workers time and labor. Polecrete® is available in a full range of kit sizes, from 2.5 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet, suitable for any size hole and application. Use our volume calculator to determine what size kit you need for your job.  

Mix. Pour. Set.

Traditional backfill solutions like crushed rock or concrete often mean that workers had to devote hours of time and hard work to make sure utility or light poles were properly set and straightened. Concrete had to be mixed and poured, soil properly dug and tamped down, and aggregates sourced and painstakingly set. Even worse, over time these backfill materials were susceptible to water damage and erosion, meaning that work crews would regularly have to reset and re-stabilize utility poles. Water damage also meant that ground lines ran the risk of damage, resulting in power outages and even more problems for utility companies and customers alike. But since 1988, utility installers have had another choice when it came to what material to use to set and straighten poles: Polecrete®, an innovative expanding closed-cell urethane foam from BMK. Polecrete® has been proven effective in any soil type, whether sandy, marshy, or rocky. The urethane foam expands 15 times its original volume and sets in just 15 minutes. Best of all, it's simple for anyone to use: just mix the two bottles, shake, pour, and watch it set. Polecrete®'s simple, two-part foam kit is lightweight and easy to carry. Once poured, it withstands extreme temperatures and easily repels water, protecting poles from decay and damage. While other closed-cell urethane products float and degrade in water, Polecrete® stays solid and holds firm even in marshy and wet areas like culverts. It even keeps groundwater clean, as the foam bonds directly to the pole and prevents wood treatment used on most utility poles from seeping into the soil.

Made For Any Application

While original Polecrete® has been proven tough and used around the world, the researchers at BMK have found that special situations call for foam products that perform best in tough conditions. That's why we've developed two new Polecrete® variants that adapt to any condition. Polecrete® HD is specially designed for poles greater than 100 feet in height, or heavier in weight. It is made tougher and denser to provide heavy-duty support for poles that demand it. Even though Polecrete® has been proven effective in all soil types, there are certain areas of the United States and the world where the soil has a high moisture content. For these applications, we proudly offer Hydro Polecrete® Stabilizer, formulated to provide the same durability and stability as regular Polecrete® but with extra density and water protection.

Get Polecrete® For Your Backfill Needs

Field-tested and trusted by utility and construction companies around the world, Polecrete® is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any volume application. Find out which size Polecrete® package works best for your stabilization needs with our online volume calculator and call (314) 344-3330 to find a distributor near you.

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