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The easy way to level concrete pads.

easy way to level concrete pads

“This is the normal now and it works great! Cuts time like crazy!”

“It’s ROCK SOLID. I’ve used Polecrete foam on HUNDREDS of poles over the years!”

“Minimum Effort. Maximum Results! 🤜🤛”

Shifting or sinking concrete pads present challenges for utilities and HVAC systems. Padcrete™ provides a simpler solution. This expanding, rigid urethane foam system allows for quick and economical repairs, restoring stability to pad-mounted equipment. Padcrete™ ensures equipment remains level and serviceable.


Foam expands to 15X its original volume.


Production capacity of 1MM kits per year.


Foam sets in 15 min. Climb the pole under 30 min.

How to set fence posts and poles with Polecrete Stabilizer expanding foam.

Mix. Pour. Set.

Padcrete™ comes in a small, easy-to-carry kit and levels pads using a simple, seven-step process:

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