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For years, transportation and streets departments across America have been searching for alternatives to asphalt and concrete, whether installing new signposts or fixing cracks and potholes on roads. Concrete takes time to properly set, requires special equipment for installation, and is vulnerable to weather effects and cracking. BMK has recognized that there needs to be a better solution for transportation departments and has developed polyurethane backfill products that lend themselves nicely to the transportation industry. Postloc® uses the same two-part polyurethane backfill formula as Polecrete® (our tried-and-tested foam backfill solution for the utility industry), just in a smaller package and quantity. Transportation departments use it to set street signs, and count on it to provide an easy-to-use, economical alternative to concrete. It's especially useful in hard-to-access areas, and sets in just 15 minutes or less. If you are looking for an innovative, fast, and efficient way to repair potholes, cracked pavement, or spall, RSP™ is your solution. Available in either a pre-mixed sprayer, RSP™ transforms in minutes from a low-viscosity liquid to a solid PU material with a compressive strength of more than 7,000 psi — enough to handle even the biggest of trucks. RSP™ can easily be combined with clean aggregates to repair larger roadway sections. Transportation departments have found that RSP™ saves them time, labor, and money, plus limits traffic re-routing. Call us today at 314-344-3330 to learn more about all of BMK's solutions for the transportation industry or to place an order.

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