• The Leader in PU Backfill Solutions

    Since the early ‘80s BMK products have provided the Utility industry with lasting and cost-effective alternatives to traditional backfill methods.

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  • Easy to use.

    Polecrete® provides a strong foundation for utility poles in just 15 minutes.

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  • Industrial Quality. Now for DIYers.

    Postloc® is the simple way to install mailboxes, basketball goals, or any other posts around your house.

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  • Providing sustainable backfill products

    Unlike concrete, BMK's complete line of backfill products are environmentally friendly and need little future maintenance.

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    First In PU Backfill Products. What BMK Does For Industry

    BMK revolutionized the backfill industry with the introduction of Polecrete® Stabilizer, which brought expanding polyurethane foam technology to utility providers and installers around the world. Easy to carry, simple to install, and able to hold firm in all weather conditions and soil types, it’s no surprise that more and more industries trust Polecrete® Stabilizer when installing poles, masts, or posts.

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    See how BMK products can help your industry

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    A Full Line Of PU Products

    BMK proudly offers a full suite of polyurethane foam products that are used by a wide variety of industries in many applications. Whether putting up a driveway basketball hoop, repairing cracked pavement, or installing high-mast lighting, there’s an easy-to-use BMK product to fit your needs.

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    The Smart Backfill Choice

    Whether linemen or street crews, experienced pole installers or weekend warriors, BMK has the product made to fit your backfill needs. We are proud to have helped all sorts of industries find better, safer, and less expensive ways of performing installation or repair jobs.

    Environmentally Friendly

    BMK backfill products do not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion.

    Easy To Transport

    Our two-part expanding foam products easily fit in any car or truck — no need for extra equipment.

    Works In All Conditions

    Rain or shine, extreme heat or cold, BMK products will stand the test of time.

    Cost Effective

    Unlike other backfill methods, BMK products rarely — if ever — require maintenance.

    Long-Lasting Foundation

    BMK products are designed and built to last for years and years to come.

    Safe & Easy to Use

    You don’t need additional crews or workers to install BMK products. It’s so easy, anyone can do it.

    Proven Around The World

    Our polyurethane foam backfill products are used by utility providers and construction firms the world over.