High Mast Lighting

Light it up with Polecrete®.

Whether illuminating a freeway or bringing a town together for Friday night football, high mast lighting serves multiple purposes across America. It's also never been more energy efficient with the advent of LED lighting technologies. More and more cities across America are installing high mast lighting on their roads and lighting up sports fields, but they need a backfill solution that can easily handle the demands of tall lighting structures. Concrete may be readily available and the traditional choice, but it requires additional crews to pour, added time to set, and can easily crack and decay. What's more, if you are installing a mast in a high-traffic or hard-to-access area, requiring crews to close down road lanes creates additional nuisances for the community at large. BMK, a leader in polyurethane backfill products, has the perfect solution for your high-mast lighting installation needs: Polecrete® Stabilizer HD. Polecrete® has been trusted by the utility industry for more than 30 years when installing telephone or electrical poles. They have come to rely on its ability to be used in any ground condition, at any time, and by any worker—all you need to do is combine the two parts, mix it, and then pour the PU expanding foam into your dug hole. Polecrete® HD is specially developed for high-density applications for poles more than 100 feet in height, such as lighting masts. It is made with roughly double the core strength, density, and tensile strength of the original Polecrete®. However, it still sets in just 15 minutes or less and provides a long-lasting foundation with a stronger holding strength and more uplift resistance than concrete. Polecrete® easily bonds to any pole material, including wood, metal, or composites. It also prevents ground-line decay and has been classified as an inert, non-hazardous material by the EPA. To learn more about our solutions for high mast lighting installation, contact us online or call 314-344-3330.

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