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Whether large billboards or just small roadside signs, the signage industry faces a number of unique challenges when considering outdoor installations. Soil types, potential road re-routing, and ensuring that massive steel poles will remain properly stable in all weather conditions are all major issues that signage contractors run into when installing signs. With the rise of digital signs replacing and adding to traditional billboards, additional challenges have arisen due to the need to provide power and control systems for these billboards that are protected from water damage. Trusted by utility providers for more than three decades, Polecrete® from BMK is the perfect solution for signage contractors looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-use backfill method for installing new billboards. It protects against ground-line water damage and builds an impermeable barrier against soil moisture affecting electrical wires, making it perfect for electronically controlled and LED signs. Polecrete® offers easier installation when compared to traditional backfill methods. It requires no specialized staff or equipment to install and sets in as little as 15 minutes. This makes it perfect for hard-to-access applications and saves your installation crew the hassle of having to contract additional concrete crews, which often can add to the expense of installing signs. Our Polecrete® HD variant is specially made for high-density applications and can handle even the tallest billboard mounting structure. For smaller applications, BMK has a number of products that the signage industry has utilized to meet their backfill requirements. Postloc® has the same holding strength and ease of use as Polecrete®, just in a package suitable for smaller applications. With many signage providers also installing ground-level electronic signs on an increased basis, they face the issue of ground erosion causing concrete base pads to sink and move--not only making your signs less attractive to passers-by but also potentially causing issues with electrical and electronic connections. Padcrete™ easily fixes and re-levels concrete pads so your ground-level signs remain attractive to viewers as well as functional for years to come. To speak with a BMK representative about our full line of products for the signage industry or to place an order, contact us online or call 314-344-3330.

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