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"To provide our customers with innovative product solutions that save time, money, and labor."

Our History

BMK was founded in 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally, we served the leisure market as a manufacturer of synthetic bowling pins. However, a chance conversation between a BMK salesman and his neighbor changed our focus from strikes and spares to supporting the energy, construction, and transportation industries.

You see, our salesman's neighbor worked for Texas Utilities (now known as TXU Energy), and around that time the utility industry was exploring new ways of pole setting and repair. Traditional methods, like soil tamping or concrete backfill, had their drawbacks: lengthy set times, high labor demands, and above all the constant need for repairs. The concept of using polyurethanes to set and secure utility poles was brought up, and our salesman relayed this chat to our main office. Our research and development team went to work, and soon after we released a new product designed to secure utility poles quickly and easily. We called it Polecrete®.

Polecrete® became an instant success, with utility customers enjoying the same attributes then as they do now. They no longer required specialized crews to level or secure utility poles: now anyone could easily mix Polecrete®'s two-part solution. Utility crews also enjoyed Polecrete®'s small form factor and easy portability. As Polecrete® sets in just 15 minutes, they did not need to wait hours for concrete to properly harden and could move on to other projects. And best of all, it has been proven tough and reliable in the place that matters most: the field, where it protects poles from ground-level hazards like erosion and requires little regular maintenance to maintain secure, straight settings.

Since then, we have continually improved our products and introduced new ones. We have developed Polecrete® variants for heavier-duty poles as well as for where soil conditions are moister than average. Our Padcrete™ product helps level concrete pads for utility junction boxes or HVAC equipment, avoiding costly replacement and down-time. Polecrete® RSP™ allows utility companies to repair, rather than replace, utility poles damaged by weather or animals.

We've even branched out into serving new industries beyond the utility and energy sector, as well. Our team has developed RSP™, a sprayable polyurethane solution that gives road crews a new option instead of costly and time-consuming asphalt patches for pothole repairs. We have also made the original Polecrete® formula available for smaller applications: Postloc®, originally used to set road-sign posts, is now available direct to consumers as a do-it-yourself alternative to mixing concrete for all manner of backyard projects.

Every BMK product is made with pride in the USA. We maintain a nationwide network of distributors, as well as offer our complete line of products through international channels.

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